Infrastructure Engineer
Infrastructure Engineer

Infrastructure Engineer

Remote, Full-time

Burrata's integration layer will help bridge consumer identity and data from silo-ed Web2 systems into Web3. This open and extensible integration layer will help standardize, process, and prioritize the influx of web2 data on-chain. This integration layer is essential to onboarding the next billion users and their on-chain profiles.

We are looking for an Infrastructure Engineer to join the team and work on building a secure environment for our network of nodes and help decentralize long-term.

Our backend stack consists of: Typescript, Rust, Docker, Graph Protocol.

Despite being an early-stage startup, we strive towards a streamlined workflow for engineers, always looking to improve. We religiously practice No Meeting Wednesdays and avoid unnecessary meetings by asking for the agenda and objectives upfront.

We would encourage you to apply if you check most of the items on this list:

  • 3-5 years engineering experience
  • Past experience as SRE, DevOps, Distributed Systems engineer
  • Experience with InfoSec and Secops or deep interest to dive in
  • Experience building CLI-based tooling
  • Experience with Rust or willingness to learn
  • Experience working with major cloud vendors, we use GCP
  • Deep understanding of at least one layer one chain's data storage and consensus mechanisms
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

We promise to keep things efficient for everyone. Our recruiting process starts with your application, followed by three interviews with the founding team:

  1. Culture & screening interview (45 minutes) with Osama
  2. Culture (15 minutes) with Ian
  3. Engineering Interview (45 minutes) with Matthew
  4. Close and follow-up questions (15 minutes) with Osama

We are not huge fans of algorithms on whiteboards. If you claim to have Web3 experience, your prompt will be:

Please walk me through what happens b/w the time when I press connect wallet on and the time a successful swap leads to new tokens in my wallet

If you are new to Web3, you can opt for the following prompt:

Please walk me through what happens b/w the time when I open Google Chrome, type, press enter on my keyboard, and when the first pixel appears on the screen

We are flexible, and your choice of prompt doesn't impact negatively.

During the culture sessions, we would love to learn about your past experiences and dig deeper to understand your working style.

We try to keep this process transparent so you can prepare and not be caught off-guard during the sessions.

If being early on a 🚀 is something that excites you, apply now!

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