Applied Memetics Researcher
Applied Memetics Researcher

Applied Memetics Researcher

Remote, Full-time

Burrata’s integration layer will help bridge consumer identity and data from silo-ed Web2 systems into Web3. This open and extensible integration layer will help standardize, process, and prioritize the influx of web2 data on-chain. This integration layer is essential to onboarding the next billion users and their on-chain profiles.

We are looking for our first Memetics Researcher to join the team and help set the right vibes for our community. In this high-impact role, you will work closely with the founding team and have the best time of your life making cheese puns.


Burrata scores highest on the meme-potential index. We want you to join us and help achieve its due status in the Web3 community.

We will provide all tooling necessary for you to be the most efficient memester. Just make the printer go brrrr ...

We would encourage you to apply if you check most of the items on this list:

  • Rich portfolio of viral campaigns
  • Significant Twitter presence or willingness to hustle and grow
  • Adept in urban dictionary
  • Background in gaming, streaming or digital media
  • High school dropout
  • Deep expertise in theory crafting and storytelling
  • Membership across at least 30 Discord servers

We promise to keep things efficient for everyone. Our recruiting process starts with your application, followed by three interviews with the founding team:

  1. Culture, functional experience, aspirations (45 minutes) with Osama
  2. Culture (30 minutes) with Ian
  3. Culture (30 minutes) with Matthew

During the functional experience sessions, we would love to learn about your past experiences and dig deeper into how you think about memetics.

We try to keep this process transparent so you can prepare and not be caught off-guard during the sessions.

If being early on a 🚀 is something that excites you, apply now!

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